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I enjoy inspiring kids and adults to be creative and expressive with music.  For me,  it is always about the joy music can bring and what you have to say to the listener.  Even if the only listener is yourself! Learning the technical aspects of playing an instrument is just one small piece of the puzzle.  Music is language, emotion, humanity, expression, science, maths, logic & something you can't quite put your finger on - all at once! I think this quote sums it up best: 

Nine year old Millie being introduced to jazz improvisation!

Why Music?

- Music is a Science

- Music is Mathematical

- Music is a Foreign Language

- Music is History

- Music is Physical Education

- Music develops Insight and Demands Research

- Music is all these things,but most of all,

Music is Art.

That is why we teach music:

   Not because we expect you to major in music

   Not because we expect you to sing or play all your life.. 

        But so you will be human

   so you will recognize beauty 

   So you will be closer to an infinite

   beyond  this world.

So you will have something to cling to

   So you will have more love,more compassion

   more gentleness,more good - in short,

  more Life.